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Rumi #ConfidentSisters is an incredibly caring, kind and imperishable community. Our dearly kind and compassionate ladies have come together from all around the globe to support, inspire and help each other redefine themselves and rebuild their confidence. Within sisterhood we give unselfishly, celebrate our wins and strive to be the best version of ourselves every single day.

When the mirror reflects an older face and the societal age bias, that celebrates youth and vitality, makes you forget the value of age & maturity and the beauty industry is exploiting your fear of ageing & offering ‘remedies’ to solve ‘problems’, that are not problems at all, there comes a moment in time, when a place like this is not even necessary, but almost essential.

A judgement-free space without envy or bitterness. As the most genuine friends, we accept each other just the way we are and honour our individual differences. We try our best to make each other feel heard & understood, encourage and reassure each other when needed.

We laugh and remind one another not to take everything so very seriously and when things get tough, they're a bit easier to breathe through because we're there. We're there for every single #confidentsister and ourselves. And from that comes strength. From that comes joy and from that comes friendship.

Come as you are and join our Rumi family. You're deserving of such a fun & dependable support system of lasting friendships!

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"The bond made with several sisters that began during the Confidence Challenge is truly invaluable. Knowing others insecurities made me want to encourage them to feel better about themselves. That in turn made me feel better about myself."

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Change your life in 60 days

Change your life in 60 days

If there's one thing that can improve your life exponentially, it's self-confidence. When you are confident, you are ready for life's experiences and opportunities. You feel happier, full of energy & at peace in your own body.

The purpose of this FREE 60 DAY CONFIDENCE CHALLENGE is to make small daily improvements towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Having joined our community of #ConfidentSisters, you'll be surrounded by like-minded ladies ready to support & cheer you along!

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