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We all have that one transformative product that seems to have superpowers on our face. It pulls your whole look together in the matter of seconds. Since you clicked on this article, our guess is that, like for many of us, it's mascara. 

One coat can make you look awake and ready, even when you're not quite feeling it. 

But if you have sensitive eyes, mascara can turn into a can't-live-without-can't-live-withtype of thing. It's a daily struggle. Stinging, burning, bloodshot eyes or swollen lids is not what you are after.

You want a classy, natural look. 

You might even stop using mascara whatsoever, because the irritation is too much to bear with. 

But the question still remains - can a mascara be in a sensitive eye ladies' arsenal? YES!

Here are five mascara secrets that can make daily wear a breeze even for the most sensitive eyes. 

1. Use a wand designed for sensitive eyes

It's very important that when you are applying the mascara you don't get too close to the lash line. For that you need a specifically crafted wand to avoid letting any mascara go into your sensitive lids. 

2. Use a gentle mascara that doesn't content harsh chemicals

Your sensitive eyes need a mascara that is allergy tested, fragrance free and free from harsh chemicals. 

3. Don't use waterproof mascara

Firstly, the necessary ingredients to create 'waterproof mascara' can cause sensitive eyes to react. Secondly, the removal process can irritate the delicate eye area and lead to your lashes being plucked out and even broken.

Water-resistant mascara is far easier to remove and requires less rubbing. It doesn’t contain any harsh water-proofing ingredients that may cause irritation and it withstands rain, sweat and tears.

4. Remove Gently and Thoroughly

The third tip leads us to the fourth. Always remove your mascara with the utmost care and love. Take it all off, so your lashes can rest at night. This is the perfect time to apply an eyelash serum. 

5. Use a mascara that is designed for extremely sensitive eyes and thin lashes

The truth is that we are not teenage girls anymore and the care needed for our sensitive eyes and eyelashes is completely different. 

We have to be honest with ourselves: as we grow older and years go by, we start to notice that our eyes become more and more sensitive. 

Additionally our eyelashes might loose some volume and length. 

This change occurs naturally and the right thing to do is to change together with the natural processes and not go against them. 

That's why it's so important to use eyelash products, that benefit your eyes and your lashes.

Products, that are: 

- Water-resistant, not water-proof
- With all-natural ingredients and vitamins (such as Biotin and Peptides)
- Eyelash-friendly application and removal
- Tested for extremely sensitive eyes

We took all of this is mind when we designed our best-selling VolumeCare+ Mascara

Every single little detail, starting from the brush and ending with the formula, has been carefully chosen to offer women with sensitive eyes and thinning eyelashes the best results possible.

For the first time, VolumeCare+ not only gives you the dramatic lash look instantly but also takes delicate care of your sensitive eyes and eyelashes.

Not to mention, it's 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and made out of all-natural ingredients. 

You've tried hundreds of mascaras that only promised and didn't deliver. Try something that is made exactly for you!

It's absolutely risk-free! If for some reason you would not be happy with your purchase (which we strongly doubt), we will be happy to return 100% of your hard-earned money.

You have nothing to lose and beautiful eyelashes to gain!

What women are saying about us…

“Right after the first time I used VolumeCare+ Mascara, my lashes perked up like they just had a shot of vitamins. My sensitive eyes feel fresh at all times and my eyelashes see immediate improvement with just 1 coat. Rumi fan for life!” —Linda

"Can't believe my luck in stumbling across this mascara. Having wasted a fortune on brands claiming to meet my particular need I perhaps can be forgiven for having felt a degree of cynicism at Rumi's claims. Totally unfounded, can't believe how good this stuff is. I've always avoided narrow brushes but this is fantastic. Easy to apply, the effect is like I've not had in years particularly on lower lashes, and easy to remove. The price is reasonable too. I have no hesitation in recommending this mascara to anyone." —Meg

"I'm 76 years old, I've tried all sorts of mascaras in my time, I never used waterproof because it was so difficult to remove, so I stuck with the normal stuff, but my lashes have become shorter and more sparse. A few months ago I saw this advertised, so I thought I'd give it a try, it's made such a difference, and I'm so pleased with the result...I'd recommend anyone to try this if they're having problems..." —Irene