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What to wear in spring?

Date: 18 Mar, 2022

As spring is right around the corner, I gravitate towards bright, vibrant and crisp fashion picks that always make me feel as a young spring bloom.

Yes, dressing according to the seasons lifts my mood and kind of calms me, actually. 

For some it may sound silly, but even with such a small act I feel more connected to nature and as if respectful of its flow and eternal change. 

After all, it just makes me happy and that is a good enough reason to do whatever it requires.

White button down

There is nothing more elegant than a crisp white shirt. Although it is a true classic all year round, it has a different feel to it as the weather unfreezes and revives in its full beauty.

There are literally hundreds of ways to wear it and items to pair it with, it simply goes with anything and let’s you create different desired looks according to your mood or the weather, as it still gets a little confusing with a sudden cold or northern wind.

And the shirts can be so different as well! The sleeve length can vary, collar, special details, cut outs and what not. It’s an absolute staple in my wardrobe.

I picked some visual materials from Pinterest so that it’s more enjoyable to read, I hope you get as inspired as I do. Absolutely love creating such editorials!


We all appreciate a great pastel, especially when spring approaches and during it, at least I am of such an opinion, you can disagree, perhaps neutrals work much better for you and you welcome spring with a fresh bouquet of flowers on your table.

Pastel yellow, baby blue or pink, soft lilacs, maybe a bit of green. Even if pastels don’t suit you, colour in general is something that works in favour of a fresh and happy spring appearance.

Bring back the colour, ladies!


Sticking to classics, stripes always, always, always have their moment to shine in spring. Thin, thick, navy, black, color, in shirts, jumpers, bags, pants, skirts and dresses. 

A little tip is to remember that vertical stripes will visually elongate your body and horizontal ones will have an opposite effect. Just something to keep in mind so that stripes work in your favour and lift your spring mood!


These I never have enough of! So chic and easy to throw on, elevating even the most simple outfit.

As it gets warmer, a blazer, especially a wool one, can easily serve as a jacket! 

And it doesn’t have to be “boring” as well, a suitable pattern, colour or accent buttons will do the magic!

Scarf it up!

A very practical accessory in spring and can transform your whole look!

So many different sizes, patterns, materials and possibilities. A great way to keep your neck and chest in warmth and bring some life to a neutral outfit. 

Don’t be afraid to play around with colours and textures! You can also put it in your hair, tie around your handbag handles, use it instead of a regular belt and the list continues!

Mix & Match

And remember that you do not have to run to a shop or start scrolling online just to add something new to your wardrobe. Sometimes it’s useful to look at what you have and try to create new combinations.

Spring is a wonderful time to incorporate some of your summer pieces and add some extra layers to keep you warm.

Have fun with accessories and always keep a raincoat in your bag, this weather gets only more unpredictable by day. 

Hope you had fun reading, be sure to leave your best tips for spring fashion in the comments!

I’ll speak to you very soon,


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